Josephine single and video now released and it’s all free!!

Please download the free Josephine remix EP from here
Josephine Remix EP (+ bonus video) – FLIES ON YOU

“Josephine”, revisited. As you can see, she’s had a makeover. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Josephine the remix ep












In her original incarnation, “Josephine” was already as catchy as cold-sores; Hummable tune, attention-grabbing lyric, memorable chorus, keening guitars and what have you.

But she wants to win X Factor, be the new Gaga, and wasn’t sure if she’s pretty enough to impress the judges. So we gave her a makeover, and she scrubbed up nicely.

But that wasn’t enough. Cosmetic surgery it is then.

Flies On You invited the public at large to take up their scalpels, razors, scissors and eyeliner, to transform this “girl next door” into Pop’s Wet Dream.
And what a response!

You can watch the video to Josephine here

Josephine ( single edit ) – Flies on you

And they’re all absolutely FREE
As if this weren’t exciting enough, you can also download the Josephine video, free of charge.

Flies On You won’t be satisfied until you hear people singing “Josephine” on the bus. Until we’re all sick to the back teeth of hearing the damned thing.
Possible Christmas Number 1?

We should have charged a quid, at least.


released 18 September 2013
Cover artwork Grebo Gray

Grebo is not a photographer he is a picture maker who just happens to use a camera.
Robert de Niro was seen jotting down grebo’s facebook page