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AgletEaters splendid review

Meanwhile AgletEaters’ splendid review psychoanalysed the album’s creators a little too closely for comfort, and stuck a Doc Marten boot into the idea of Flies On You as “post-punk”. Quite right; pigeon-holes are for pigeons, and all that. This was the first review to single out “Yeah, Wild I Know But, Nonetheless” for special attention, and for that as much as anything else, I love it.

FOY on compilation CD to help support Pussy Riot’s release

we were totally chuffed to be invited to contribute a track to Mark Whitby’s triple volume compilation album “Into The Light”,, which sought not only to draw attention to artists and bands deserving to reach a wider audience, but to raise awareness and funds for the Free Pussy Riot campaign.

My dad rocks review

A broadly encouraging review of “NTWHA” on My Dad Rocks observed that “the album demonstrates a stubborn unwillingness to bow to the commercial – not one of the songs here would threaten the playlist of any middle of the road radio station we could name.”

FOY make several appearences in Bob Osbornes top 100 tunes of the year

“Schmutziger Hund” is one of 4 tracks featured in Bob Osborne’s Aural Delights Top 100 tunes of the year:

FOY in Vibrations magazine

Vibrations Magazine came up trumps with an astute review of “Nothing To Write Home About”. Get this: “It may be that Leeds multi-instrumentalist duo Doug Aikman and Andrew Watkins started Flies On You only last year due to a serious glut of musical ideas that had been backing up in their heads. That would certainly explain why the 18 songs on this album, most of which come in at between only two and three minutes in length, are packed with enough ideas to keep most bands going for several years.” Quite. After singling out particular tracks for hyperbolic descriptive prose, Vibrations’ music ed Steve Walsh concludes the review thus: “I could go on, but there’s just too much going on to do the album justice here. The palpable sense of sonic fun is reflected in the lyrics, which are by turns surreal, earthy and occasionally crude but are often laugh out loud hilarious. You get a real sense that Flies On You are all about ideas – having them, organising them, recording them and moving on. Already I can’t wait for album number two to see where they go next.” Steve, your fiver is in the post.

Guess who’s in the NME?

Inexplicably, our “Dead Pop Stars” video found its way into the NME ,an occurrence which mystifies me still.

Punk rock solid and Hey suburbia plays

Just been featured on The Punk Rock Social  Radio Show and on Scanner Zine’s Hey Suburbia! Podcast