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Unwashed Territories Mark Whiby review…..and what a review

“There I was, musing on the extreme unlikelihood of every again finding an unashamedly punk-inspired band with something to say when this dropped into my inbox,” began the Unwashed Territories review: , before going on to add “A duo from Leeds, their debut album Nothing To Write Home About is now upon us and it’s a corker. Not only that, it manages to do achieve this without yielding to identi-punk mediocrity and with a breadth of vision that’s well beyond other pretenders to a throne that’s been so muddied by the uninspiring tosh peddled by so many it’s almost lost all of its value.” And later, “they eschew any temptation to fit themselves easily into a hole in favour of following their obsessions wherever they take them. It’s this that gives the album its eclectic power and brilliance.  While ‘Slashing It Down’ rides a Gang Of Four-like wave of rhythmic intensity overlaid with an understated, menacing vocal pitch and ‘Spain’ is a candidate for the best song ever to feature the repeated words ‘fucking cow’ – a much-coveted accolade indeed – ‘Hum’, as you may have heard when I played it in my September show, is disarmingly melodic, the threats simmering rather than boiling over, but no less bludgeoning in its impact.”

Sorry to go on, but we love this review.   ;-)

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Little miss train wreck and punky radio

In mid-October, “Slashing It Down” was played on Punky Radio, where we seem to recall The Sisters Of Mercy being used as a point of reference.

Also, Andy made a guest appearance on LittleMissTrainwreck’s Hallowe’en Special:

FOY Appear on Greek and Japanese blogs

Google translate does no favours for this review on Greek blog Music Response by Eva. Eva’s enthusiasm for the album is plain enough, mind you. Suffice to say that “If you are a fan of Punk Rock will appreciate from the first very piece”

FOY also appeared on the japenese website called………..god knows we cant spell it and Andy cant find the pic ha ha

Floorshine zipper boots review

Meanwhile, over on FloorshimeZipperBoots, a most prolific music blog, the album reviewer had this to say: “Dark and edgy, the eighteen tracks have a compelling vibe that engages one deep into the music and message. Flies On You turn their influences into a truly unique sound and succeed as one of the most interesting post-punk bands we’ve heard in a long time.”

Punk Globe interview

Our only semi-serious threat to take America took a step further to becoming a reality, when “Nothing To Write Home About” was reviewed by Lisa Lunney in Punk Globe, an Online Music Zine covering punk rock in its broadest sense, globally. Lisa’s succinct observations included “The beats are rocking, the guitar riffs are right on key; combine the two with fun lyrics and great vocals and you have a masterpiece in your hands.”


Mark Whitby @ Dandelion says….

Mark Whitby’s blurb for his October show on Dandelion Radio boasted a host of exciting and innovative music, “plus more from the excellent album from Flies On You”.