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Fat Latch radio show

Fat Latch Radio took an immediate liking to Flies On You, playing tracks on several shows in a row and previewing “Nothing To Write Home About” as its featured album in Fat Latch #37, Fat Latch supremo Ian Jay declared it to be his “album of the year, so far”.  As fate had it, an autumn release by Guided By Voices saw us slip into second place, but there’s no shame in that.

Debut video & The Spinning Man Radio Show

The launch on July 12th of our video for “Slashing It Down” was swiftly followed by enthusiastic airplays in successive weeks for “The Last Pop Song” and “Slashing It Down” on The Spinning Man Radio Show – hosted by The Shend (from Peel-favoured jazz-punk colossi The Cravats, The Very Things, TV & film actor and all-round good egg) , who predicted that Flies On You would be the band on everybody’s lips in 6 months time.

Here are some stills from the video for “Slashing it down” it features Matt Wilson who is guitarist for Leeds band Apollo junction. Matt was perfect for the part of annoying Doug which was easy because he doesn’t support Leeds United. The video was filmed in two hours and was shot and edited by FOY’s very own Andy Watkins


FOY Arrive

July 2012: A mere 24 hours after launching 4 tracks on Soundcloud
as a taster for the album, (which was due out a couple of months later), we were well chuffed when John Robb (GoldBlade frontman, ex-Membrane, published author and occasional TV-appearing opinionator) dubbed us his “New Band Of The Day” on his entertainment and culture blog Louder Than War

it reads…

  • “Flies On You sound great. They are a two piece post punk duo from Leeds and they have that classic, clattering sound of the darker, grittier side post-punk driven by a clipped Burnel bass and an FX laden guitar and those off hand vocals that were so key to the form. There is a whiff of the great Stranglers to the whole affair and I totally love them”, he said. And frankly, we weren’t about to argue with such pithy praise.