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New LP ‘etcetera’ out now!
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Flies on You ‘etcetera’ CD



“etcetera” is released on Friday 6th March 2015; an absolute bargain at £5 (digital download or CD)
Flies on you will be gigging throughout 2015  starting with ‘Brix and the Extricated’ at The Brudenell club Leeds on 28th of March
Artwork is by Grebo Gray who has worked on many of Flies covers.


Please download the free Josephine remix EP from here
Josephine Remix EP (+ bonus video) – FLIES ON YOU


“Josephine”, revisited. As you can see, she’s had a makeover. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Josephine the remix ep

In her original incarnation, “Josephine” was already as catchy as cold-sores; Hummable tune, attention-grabbing lyric, memorable chorus, keening guitars and what have you.

But she wants to win X Factor, be the new Gaga, and wasn’t sure if she’s pretty enough to impress the judges. So we gave her a makeover, and she scrubbed up nicely.

But that wasn’t enough. Cosmetic surgery it is then.

Flies On You invited the public at large to take up their scalpels, razors, scissors and eyeliner, to transform this “girl next door” into Pop’s Wet Dream.
And what a response!

You can watch the video to Josephine here

Josephine ( single edit ) – Flies on you

And they’re all absolutely FREE
As if this weren’t exciting enough, you can also download the Josephine video, free of charge.

Flies On You won’t be satisfied until you hear people singing “Josephine” on the bus. Until we’re all sick to the back teeth of hearing the damned thing.
Possible Christmas Number 1?

We should have charged a quid, at least.



released 18 September 2013
Cover artwork Grebo Gray

Grebo is not a photographer he is a picture maker who just happens to use a camera.
Robert de Niro was seen jotting down grebo’s facebook page www.facebook.com/Grebophotos

Flies on you played on BBC6 Tom Robinson introducing mix tape and Saturday night show

Here’s the link to the show http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01ghtz0 and you can download the mixtape here http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/trintro

Flies on you Debut gig 19th July supporting the Lovely eggs at Hebden Bridge Trades Club


Three New Live dates

just a quick note to let you all know about three Flies on You gigs that are happening over the next couple of months. London Saturday 30th May supporting Terry…

Well, what have we here? A video for a new track by FLIES ON YOU? To whet your appetite for their forthcoming Ell-Pee? “Katie Hopkins In A Human Form” is…

New Song and video released Monday 16th June

New Song and video released Monday 16th June

‘Josephine’ voted in at 15 on Dandelion Radios festive 50

We are really chuffed to have made it into the festive 50, heres the list http://www.dandelionradio.com/2013festive50.htm SmithsockSimon wrote a piece about the festive 50 and included a link to Boff…

Josephine single and video now released and it’s all free!!

Please download the free Josephine remix EP from here Josephine Remix EP (+ bonus video) – FLIES ON YOU http://fliesonyou.bandcamp.com/album/josephine-remix-ep “Josephine”, revisited. As you can see, she’s had a makeover….

Josephine – Remix ep Free download out 18th September

Flies on you will be releasing a FREE ep on Wednesday 18th September called ‘ Josephine – the remix ep’ It will feature the new single edit of ‘Josephine’ and…

Limited number of Hand screen printed ‘Flies on you’ T-shirts now available.

Limited number of Hand screen printed ‘Flies on you’ T-shirts now available. The tees are hand printed by the The Carousel Cartel in Leeds they have a new website launching…

Heres highlights from our 19th July debut gig

Less than a week on from our debut gig, and here we are with a wee 5 minute promo trailer, featuring excerpts from FoY’s ripping performance. A souvenir for those…

Flies On You say “Attention, Mixmasters!”

Flies On You say “Attention, Mixmasters!” 6Music’s Tom Robinson suggested a great idea to us.  Make the stems to our track “Josephine”  available to home re-mixers to create their own…

New Limited edition T-shirts avavilable….

We have these fab new Flies on you T-shirts available for £10.00 and that includes postage….bargain. Let us know if your interested and we will send details

Debut at Hebden bridge trades club

We all wanted to say a big thanks to everyone that came out to see us supporting the Lovely eggs at Hebden bridge Trades club on Friday. It was bloody hot…

The Tom Robinson show BBC6

Tom Robinson BBC6 has been in touch to say he has re arranged our track “Josephine” so he can play it on tonight’s show ( fingers crossed ) so why…

BBC6 Introducing Mixtape download here

Tom Robison featured Flies on you on his introducing show on BBC 6 this Monday and you can download it here for the next few weeks. http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/trintro We are still…

Tom Robinson will be playing Flies on you on his BBC introducing show on Radio 6

We got an email from Toms producer saying that he will be playing us in a couple of weeks, not only that but FOY feature on Toms own freshnet website…

Flies on you Debut gig supporting the Lovely eggs

Flies on you will be supporting the Lovely eggs for there debut gig at the Hebden Bridge Trades club on July 19th. Ticjets are £7 & £9 and can be…

Cryptic Cut remix “despairselfloathing”

Cryptic Cut has remixed Flies on you LP track “despairselfloathing” and it’s available as a free download…yay! http://fliesonyou.bandcamp.com/track/despairselfloathing-cryptic-cut-remix

Incendiary magazine LP review

This is a superb review by Richard Foster from Incendiary magazine. He says… But this is a record that documents the here and now; you can feel the rain whacking…

Punk legends Theo Shend & Del strange fish playing FOY on latest shows

The legend that is ‘The Shend’ aka Theo Shend ( The Very Things & Cravats ) is playing the new Flies on you track ‘Fencing’ taken from our new Session…

Bob Osborne’s ‘session ep:’ review….

Wow!!….our first ‘session ep:’ review from Bob Osborne Bob says..”Revisiting tracks can sometimes be a fraught business but it’s safe to say that FOY have managed to refresh and reinforce…

New Flies on you ‘session ep’ out now

Download here…….. FLIES ON YOU: “SESSION” E.P.
 PRESS RELEASE FLIES ON YOU are a duo from Leeds, in the north of England. They are unashamed to be under the influence…